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  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Gas Fires
  • Cowl & Chimney Pot Fitting
  • Register / Closure Plates
  • Stove Servicing / Repairs
  • Nest / Bird / Blockage Removal


Chimney Sweeping

This forms the core of our business and I have a large range of experience sweeping flues for open fires, stoves (both lined and unlined), ranges and gas fires.

The area around the appliance is double sheeted, brushes inserted into the chimney/flue and then sealed to prevent soot from entering the house. Once swept, all soot from the fire / stove is removed using an industrial vacuum cleaner.

If a chimney/flue is swept annually (as recommended by HETAS) there is usually less than a standard sized rubble sack of soot and debris, this is then sealed and deposited in your dustbin. Soot is classed as household waste and this enables us to keep our costs as low as possible.

Most chimneys are swept from the bottom up, but sometimes it is necessary to sweep from the top as well. This may incur a small additional charge to allow for the erection of ladders and roof ladders. You will be advised of this before any work commences.

Gas Fires

We can sweep both lined and unlined gas flues, but the gas must be disconnected and reconnected by a suitably qualified engineer. This can be arranged by contacting a ‘Gas Safe’ registered fitter. We do not disconnect or connect gas fires. After sweeping, a smoke test is carried out to ensure there is sufficient draw on the flue. We strongly recommend that a Carbon Monoxide Detector is fitted to all rooms with a gas fire, these can be purchased form DIY outlets for around £20. We also strongly recommend that a suitable cowl is fitted to the top of the chimney to prevent birds, bats and squirrels from nesting in the flue and blocking the free flow of fumes.

Cowl & Chimney Pot Fitting

We can supply and fit a range of cowls to suit a variety of purposes, from a simple guard to prevent birds, bats and squirrels nesting in your chimney, to rotating cowls to improve the draw of your fire.

We supply and fit Chimney Pots of all shapes and sizes

Register / Closure Plates

We fit galvanized steel register plates made in-house to fit your fire. These are recessed into the opening so they are not visible, and are secured into the brickwork using steel angle plate and steel wall plugs.

If there is sufficient space we fit an inspection / maintenance hatch into the plate to enable the chimney to be swept without disturbing the stove.

All joins are sealed with high temperature silicone / fire rope / fire cement.


Stove Servicing / Repairs

We can supply spare parts and carry out all types of repairs and servicing to stoves and fireplaces such as:

Glass replacement.

Fitting new fire rope around doors.

Replacement fire bricks.

Re-painting with fire resistant paint.

Replacement grates / ash pans / etc.

A range of minor engineering work to get your stove running safely.


Nest / Bird / Blockage Removal

When a cowl is not fitted it is possible for birds and squirrels to nest in the flue and cause blockages. If the chimney is swept regularly these can usually be removed as part of the annual sweep. If the fire has not been used or swept for a number of years nesting debris can build up to an alarming extent and various methods are utilized to remove it.

Occasionally birds can become trapped in the chimney and it is best to have them removed as soon as possible for the well being of the bird and to prevent bad odours should the bird die in the chimney. They usually appear to recover well if a little darker than before they entered the chimney!

Should bats take up residence in your chimney we can arrange for a registered bat handler to remove these for you, usually at no extra cost. Once removed they are re-homed in a suitable location. Please note: It is illegal to handle or knowingly disturb bats!


Chimney Stack Repairs

Chimney stacks are subjected to extreme weather as well as fluctuating hot and cold temperatures, and repairs are often required to ensure they stay working and safe. We carry out minor repairs to chimney stacks such as pointing and replacing the flaunching that holds the chimney pot / cowl in place, and prevents rainwater from leaking into the chimney.


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