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Nest / Bird / Blockage Removal

When a cowl is not fitted it is possible for birds and squirrels to nest in the flue and cause blockages. If the chimney is swept regularly these can usually be removed as part of the annual sweep. If the fire has not been used or swept for a number of years nesting debris can build up to an alarming extent and various methods are utilized to remove it.

Occasionally birds can become trapped in the chimney and it is best to have them removed as soon as possible for the well being of the bird and to prevent bad odours should the bird die in the chimney. They usually appear to recover well if a little darker than before they entered the chimney!

Should bats take up residence in your chimney we can arrange for a registered bat handler to remove these for you, usually at no extra cost. Once removed they are re-homed in a suitable location. Please note: It is illegal to handle or knowingly disturb bats!


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